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Project Description
This project allows developers to include fast, reliable and highly customisable gesture recognition in Microsoft Kinect SDK C# projects. It uses skeletal tracking and currently supports 2D vectors.

Included is a gesture recorder, recogniser and sample gestures. You can save your gestures to file and we'd love it if you shared your gestures with the community - share and share alike!

This project is currently in setup mode and only available to project coordinators and developers. Once you have finished setting up your project you can publish it to make it available to all CodePlex visitors.

I would really love it if you share the gestures you make, as well as providing feedback on the best parameter settings you have found. I'm also keen for others to improve the project, so please feel free to contribute.

You can use this code or any originl or modified portion of it in any project that you like. We only ask that you keep the authors' names in the copyright notice because a lot of thought and effort went into this.

Enjoy having fun with gestures and your Kinect!

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