Realtime Multi-Gesture Recognition

Jul 3, 2012 at 10:40 AM

Hello all,

I am starting development on an app that will require multiple gestures to be recognised in real time. I really like the framework provided by KinectDTW and the accuracy it provides.

I would really appreciate if anyone could guide me on how I should proceed. Basically I require for the DTW to be trained for 5 gestures and always  running on 'Capture' mode to be able to recognise these gestures.

My main question is: How would you train the DTW with say 5 gesture data files efficiently? I presume you would have some initial comparasion of some frames and then take the top say 3 and continue matching them with DTW until only the best match remains( the one with the lowest DTW distance).

I have tried implementing a multiple template version for it but was unsuccessful.
Can anyone provide an insight on this as well?

Thanks in advance and Kudos to Rhymixx and Rhemyst fo developing this great app!